Cortázar y París : Último round / Izara Batres. (OCLC #879865498)

This book is about another book: Ultimo round / Julio Cortazar. In a FRBR environment, we could link these related works with designators such as described in/description of, but in MARC records, we record this relationship with subject headings:

    600 10 ǂa Cortázar, Julio. ǂt Último round
    600 10 ǂa Cortázar, Julio ǂx Criticism and interpretation.

The free-floating subdivision “Criticism and interpretation” is only for use under people, so we must use both headings to record the criticism aspect and the specific title.

The call number for a commentary on an individual work is constructed by appending ‘3’ to the last cutter in the call number for the original work, in this case:

    PQ7797.C7145 U43 2014