The tarot : its occult signification, use in fortune-telling, and method of play, etc. / by S.L. MacGregor Mathers. (OCLC #4237056)

Some authors are most often published using initials for their first or middle names. While it is important to retain this form in the authorized access point, its brevity can cause more collisions (multiple authors having the same authorized form). For this reason, a fuller form (with the abbreviated name spelled out) may also be included in the authorized access point, like:

100 1_ ǂa Mathers, S. L. MacGregor ǂq (Samuel Liddell MacGregor),
  ǂd 1854-1918.

In a MARC authority record, the fuller form is also recorded in 378:

378 __ ǂq Samuel Liddell MacGregor

Within the walls ; and, What do I love? / H.D. ; edited by Annette Debo. (OCLC #890587170)

Though this author is best known as H.D. (reflected in her name authority record), her class number is assigned such that she is filed under the fuller form of her name, Hilda Doolittle. PS3507 is for individual American authors, 1900-1960, name starting with D, and cuttered by second letter so we have:

  • PS3507.I93 – Dixon, Thomas
  • PS3507.O726 – Doolittle, Hilda
  • PS3507.R55 – Dreiser, Theodore

Her class number is subarranged using table P-PZ40, so we use A6 for this volume which contains two titles (Selections). This is not her complete works, and the titles are in different forms (Essays and Poems), so I followed RDA on Other Compilations of Two or More Works, and recorded the preferred title for each of the works instead of adding “Selections” to a conventional collective title (like “Novels”):

    245 10 ǂa Within the walls ; ǂb and, What do I love? / ǂc H.D. ; 
edited by Annette Debo. 740 02 ǂa What do I love?