Ludus Danielis / Rafaėlʹ Levchin. (OCLC #52873141)

Under AACR2, when elements of the publication statement are not identified, these Latin abbreviations are recorded instead:

  • Place of publication: S.l. – sine loco
  • Publisher’s name: s.n. – sine nomine

There is no phrase for unknown date; one can usually at least guess at the century, like: [19–?]

For this title, some elements are unknown, so this was recorded as:

260 __ ǂa [S.l. : ǂb s.n.], ǂc 2002.

On a catalog card, this would be very clear, as the brackets would clearly surround both, but in an electronic environment where each subfield is separately indexed, the meaning of the brackets is less clear:

  • Place of publication: [S.l
  • Publisher’s name: s.n.]

Under current ISBD rules, each element would each get its own brackets:

[S.l.] : [s.n.], 2002.

In RDA, these concepts are expressed in phrases:

[Place of publication not identified] : [Publisher not identified],
[Date of publication not identified].

though their use is generally not recommended. The LC-PCC PS for RDA says to supply a probably place of publication when possible, and the one for RDA includes a detailed procedure for supplying a probably publication date.