Русские сказания / Ю. П. Миролюбов (OCLC #889865076)

Even when I am familiar with an alphabet, a fancy font can throw me off, as it did for the series statement on this piece. On the title page, the title and statement of responsibility were in a more standard font, but the series statement looked much like it did in the sun on the upper right.

Though I would never use CIP data (the description on the title page verso) as a source of information to put in the record, it did provide a handy transcription of the series statement in a standard font, which I could then confirm, and add to the record as linked fields:

    490 _1 Неведомая Русь
    490 _1 Nevedomai︠a︡ Rusʹ
    830 _0 Неведомая Русь.
    830 _0 Nevedomai︠a︡ Rusʹ.

I’m not sure why I add the vernacular version to access points, but I think it looks nice.