Poverty in America : urban and rural inequality and deprivation in the 21st century / Max J. Skidmore, editor. (OCLC #950886800)

The call number range HC110.A-Z is for special topics in Economics in the United States. Special topics for this range are specified under HC79.A-Z (special topics in Economics), including:

  • HC79.O93   Outer space development
  • HC79.P55    Pollution
  • HC79.P6      Poor. Poverty
    • HC79.P63   Economic assistance, Domestic. Anti-poverty programs
  • HC79.P67    Population aging

So for this title about poverty in the United States, we use the cutter from the main topic to build the classification:


then add the title cutter and year to build the full call number:

    HC110.P6 P685 2015