Deutsche Rechtschreibung : aktuell / Karin A. Stock. (OCLC #879332132)

Be careful when searching for words hyphenated across line-breaks. A search for “Recht-Schreibung” may find only hyphenated (or otherwise split) versions of the phrase, and a search for “Rechtschreibung” may find only single-word versions.

In this case, a title search for “deutsche” and “aktuell” and the author’s name (and several similar searches) narrowed the search sufficiently to determine that I needed to create a new English-language record for this title. The single word “Rechtschreibung” is used in the text of the book, though I noticed many old records using “Recht-Schreibung”; I used the single word version in the main title but added the hyphenated version as a title access point in case anybody searches that way.

(I wonder if this book, which is about German spelling reform, addresses such hyphenation?)