О войне / Клаузевиц ; перевод с немецкого А.К. Рачинского. (OCLC #879375849)

This Russian translation of Vom Kriege was published 100 years after the original, and includes a German title page in the front matter. As that title page has the original publisher and year, I chose not to treat it as parallel title page, and just included its information in a note about the original publication.

I am intrigued by how many forms of the author’s name appear in this record. In the statement of responsibility, he is just “Клаузевиц”, and the original title page has has full name “Karl von Klausewitz”. The authorized form is “Clausewitz, Carl von, 1780-1831” and this appears to be the most common form (though all of these forms appear in his authority record). I wonder which way he spelled it? (or which way his wife spelled it, as she published it after his death?)

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