US Army, Navy, Air Force, 1970-1972 / ǂc составитель И. В. Модестов. (OCLC #900740312)

Ugh, sorry. I made a monograph record for this volume before realizing that it was part of the serial “Foreign military news”, of which we already have a partial run. It looks very similar to those other pieces, except that they all say “Foreign military news” across the top; this one does not say it anywhere. The title page does have its parallel title “Зарубежная  военная хроника” and “(на английском языке)” (in English), and the dates seem right. The record I derived from also had “foreign military news” in an 830.

Unfortunately the title is slightly too old (1973) to have an ISSN, which was not published as an ISO standard until 1975. I am pretty confident about adding the volume to our serial record though. Sorry about adding the weirdo “no holdings” record to OCLC.

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