한국 문화 어떻게 가르칠 것 인가 : 이론 과 실제 / 이 성희 지음. (OCLC #961941940)

I found copy in OCLC for a very similar book to this one, but with some differences: same title, author, publisher, and publication date; different pagination, ISBN, and parallel title. A different edition?

My Korean language skills are minimal (I know the alphabet and some words) but I can match strings in the record against those on the cover and title page. I spotted a word that seemed specific to my edition (in the circle on the top left, in orange lettering on the cover), but what did it mean?

Google Translate has handwriting input for Korean which works well, suggesting the correct letters/blocks, even if your handwriting isn’t the greatest. My extra word translated as “revision”, so I was able to quickly derive a new record for this new edition.

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