Barack Obama / Coleen Degnan-Veness. (OCLC #756278154)

We don’t normally buy (or even accept as gifts) multiple copies of titles, but because of the way these readers will be used (permanent reserves for ESL classes), we bought 2-5 copies of each title.

In Voyager, I usually only use “Make a Copy” (under the Record menu) for testing features like record overlay. I use it so rarely that in my daily workflow I forget it exists!

For this project, I remembered it, and used it frequently. Though all copies of a title share a call number, each needs its own holdings (MFHD) record with an individual item/barcode attached. For each title in this collection, I made one good MFHD with the call number I wanted, then made several copies of that MFHD on the bib. Populating a mfhd from scratch does not take many clicks, but with over 100 of these volumes to work through, I took shortcuts where I could find them!


The long road / Rod Smith ; series editors, Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter. (OCLC #251337940)

This reader contains a CD-ROM with audio of the book and interactive activities, but it is primarily a book, so is cataloged as such; that is, the leader marks it as Type: a, BLvl: m and the 008 fixed fields are coded accordingly (“Books” workform in OCLC).

It also has aspects of a Computer File and a Sound Recording that we would have recorded in an 008 had those been the primary aspects, but instead we record them in 006 fields. This 006 for the Computer file aspect (m) marks File (008/26; 006/09) as interactive multimedia (i):

    006  m        i

This 006 for the Sound Recording aspect (i) marks audience (Audn) as juvenile, literary text (LTxt) as language instruction (j), and most others, like format of music (FMus), as not applicable (n):

    006  innnnj       j  n 

That was in the copy, anyway, I changed it locally to remove the juvenile audience designator (that code is for interest level, not reading level) and added LTxt biography (b):

    006  innnn        bj n 

Additional properties for the Electronic Resource aspect can be recorded in the 007:

    007  c ǂb o ǂd c ǂe g ǂf a ǂh m
  • ǂb o – optical disc
  • ǂd c – multicolored
  • ǂe g – 4 ¾ in. or 12 cm
  • ǂf a – sound
  • ǂh m – multiple file formats

Pele / Rod Smith. (OCLC #785823200)

In OCLC copy, this reader about Pelé was initially classed under GV942.7: Soccer, individual biographies. We bought many books in this Penguin series, and classed them in the same area so they could be easily browsed in our collection.

From what we found in copy for other titles in the series, many libraries had this same idea, but made different decisions on what that classification should be, including: (our decision bolded)

  • PE1121 – intermediate and advanced readers
  • PE1126.A4 – readers for adults
  • PE1126.N43 – readers for new literates
  • PE1128 – general textbooks for foreign speakers